William Stott is born; by Alison Jones

William Stott is Born.

It was at Rhodes Bank on the 20.11.1857 that William Stott was born. His brother, James Stott, aged 7 died on the 23rd February 1858.. James is buried at Chadderton Cemetary, which opened in 1857 and the family were able to afford a plot and headstone just off the main path. His is the first name on the headstone, which suggests the plot was bought and the headstone erected for him.

In 1861 William Stott was 3 and living with his family at Salem Cottage in Clarksfield.  William had 3 brothers, Samuel Taylor, John Robert, Abraham Liebig,  and a sister Martha Ann aged 1.  Abraham Stott was still a Dyer and Cotton Waste dealer.  Samuel Taylor Stott, William’s eldest brother was now 15 a book keeper..

Salem Cottage was probably an improvement on Rhodes Bank. The census suggests their neighbours were better off than at Rhodes Bank  and they had a house servant. Salem was then a small hamlet in a still predominantly rural area and was probably a more pleasant and healthier environment than Rhodes Bank.

However, again the family suffered loss and in 1862 Robert Stott was born on the 18th of March, baptised on the 20th at St James and died on the 21.3.1862. His cause of death is given as ‘Debility from birth’ . Martha Ann Stott died on the 17.5.1862 aged 2 years from ‘weakness and ulceration of the neck’. They are both buried in Chadderton Cemetary in the family plot.

By Alison Jones, Research Volunteer