Transformation Party latest

Preparation for our Transformation Party is in full swing. Later this month we will hand the old library building over to contractors for their survey works to begin. We are marking this milestone by hosting a Transformation Party on Saturday 22nd April. And we are planning some special souvenirs of the day too.

There will be plenty of fun to be had throughout the day. As well as a display about the building itself there will be a chance for people to share their memories of the old building and their hopes for the future. We will be capturing your views in a range of ways as it is important to us that our visitors can feed their ideas into this project at every stage.

If you are really lucky you might even bump into Lady Wrigley herself. She has been on the roof of the old building since 1883 so it is definitely time she got to stretch her legs…

Lady Wrigley


More tours coming soon!

We know it is going to be a busy day as the initial series of hard hat tours have already booked up! These will give behind the scenes access to the old building and are your last chance to look around before the transformation begins. But if you have missed the chance to book then don’t worry – we are going to make more spaces available next week. Watch this space for details but once we have sorted the logistics there should be another five tours running that day. Please note that the tour will not be fully accessible and will involve stairs.

We look forward to seeing you on April 22nd!