Through the lens: Inside the Old Library and Museum by James Robertson

This week I have been completing work experience at Gallery Oldham and in my time here have explored The Old Library and Museum buildings.

1st floor Architecture image courtesy of James Robertson

From a young age I’ve always had an interest in architecture ranging from structures in foreign countries like Italy to the more local ones in England. Photography has also been a big hobby in my life and to combine the two together works out perfectly for me. This is why I chose to focus my placement at Gallery Oldham on architectural photography.

The gallery recently found out they have been awarded a grant to redevelop and bring back in to use the Old Library and Museum building. The architecture of the building is Victorian and the original features of the building will be kept like that during the renovation. The original archways, doors and stairwell will keep the  Victorian vibe.

The stairwell leading down to the bottom floor was my favourite part. It has an excellent and grand look which will be amazing in the modern building once it has been completed. Downstairs is relatively empty and has a large open space suitable for many pieces of art to be placed inside, as well as the planned café and gift shop. There are Stairwell image courtesy of James Robertsonmany things that Gallery Oldham can and will do with this and keep certain area to modernise it aspects of the original Victorian architecture.area to modernise it

Overall, the Old Library and Museum building will be an excellent addition to Gallery Oldham as it will contain a lot more exhibition spaces as well as the ones in the main building giving you a wide variety of pieces of Art, Social History and Natural History to examine as you are visiting.

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Article by James Robertson (Oldham College)