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  1. Oldham Open exhibition- Speaking to the Artists

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    Young people from the Gallery Oldham Collective catch up with artist, Diana Terry, who is currently showing her work in the Oldham Open 2019.

    What are the titles of the artworks you entered into the Oldham Open 2019?

    Wimberry Rocks and Too Close to Home.

    Can you tell us a bit more about your pieces?

    Wimberry Rocks is oil paint on deep canvas. Too Close to Home is a collagraphic print. Here, a plate is constructed out of mount board using different layers. Then, after sealing the plate, it’s printed through a press. Because each print is inked up differently, it is unique.

    Is there a specific concept surrounding your work or do you intend the viewer to add their own interpretation?

    The idea behind the print was specifically my response to the moorland wildfires in Saddleworth and Mossley in July 2018. The images on social media and television were mesmerising. The wildfires were a result of climate change which left the moors drier than usual.

    Regarding Wimberry Rocks, I have been producing very large graphite drawings for many years. Several years ago I made some oil sketches specifically about this outcrop at Dovestones. The large canvas has been on the easel for over eighteen months but I haven’t worked on it continuously. It takes thinking time to decide how to progress a large painting. I took the canvas to Dovestones on five occasions working on it for about four hours each time.

    How long did it take to create these artworks?

    Too Close to Home was developed quite quickly at Hot Bed Press because I needed to use their large printing press and I only had the weekend to finish it. As it happens, I went back after I’d done the plate to print five more images.

    Has another artist or event influenced the ideas behind your artwork?

    I’m a culture vulture and soak up images and ideas like a sponge. Recently Paula Rego’s and Joan Eardsley’s generation of female artists have inspired me by their lives as much as their work.

    Are you a full-time artist?


    What made you enter the Oldham Open 2019?

    Gallery Oldham is the best gallery around. The Oldham Open is a real opportunity for people to get involved.

    How do you seek opportunities to exhibit?

    I look for opportunities on Curator Space and Axisweb but Oldham Open doesn’t advertise here as it’s for local people.

    What advice would you give to aspiring artists and creatives?

    I wouldn’t give any advice except watch out for sharks.

    Tell us something fun about yourself, it doesn’t have to be art related?

    I sometimes don’t hear what people say and it causes me to get into trouble all the time!