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  1. Oldham Open – Artwork Submission

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    The Oldham Open 2019 – A guide to submitting art work

    The Oldham Open exhibition is for artists of all ages who live, work or study in Oldham. As we prepare for its return this September we are sending out a call for entries and a guide for submitting artwork.

    Delivery days: 5 – 7 September between 10am – 4pm

    Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, framed textiles:
    Works must be framed with Mirror plates attached for display, clip frames will not be accepted.

    Sculptures, ceramics, unframed textiles and other media: 
    Works should be delivered ready for display, with any necessary fixings. We have a limited number of cases for small decorative work so you may wish to present small objects, such as jewellery, in a frame which can be fixed to the wall. We welcome multi-media works such as video or sound pieces.

    Oldham Open 2019 Entry form and Information – more information and contact details can be found here.

    However we have limited facilities so please submit a detailed technical description of your requirement by 5 September and we will try to accommodate it.

    We will make every effort to show your work, but due to the large amount of entries each year we may be restricted by space. We may not be able to show large works that could obscure others or be difficult to install.
    Gallery Oldham reserves the right to reject work that is potentially offensive to our visitors. The gallery’s decision is final.

    All work must be clearly labelled with the artist’s name and title of the work securely attached e.g. on the back of the frame.

    Do not include your address/phone number here. If you supply this personal information we may not be able to remove it if your work sells, so a buyer will have your personal details. Gallery Oldham will provide any interpretation labels for the Oldham Open exhibition.

    You may sell your work if you wish to. Please clearly mark the price on the form. Paintings sold will be marked but may not be removed until the end of the exhibition. Gallery Oldham will take 30% of the purchase price as commission.

    For more information contact: galleryoldham@oldham.gov.uk or call 0161 770 4742