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  1. Oldham’s Lockdown Museum: One year in Liam Whitehead

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    It is a whole year since lockdown began in the UK on 23rd March 2020. Soon afterwards, we began Oldham’s Lockdown Museum. The project asked local people to send in pictures and tell us what they were doing in a time of monumental change. Over the coming months, photographs poured in and together they create an revealing and sometimes moving snapshot of Oldham during lockdown. The Lockdown Museum tells amazing stories of how people came together to help one another, adapted their lives and businesses and found the strength to keep going in the most challenging of times.

    To mark the anniversary of lockdown, we have contacted some of the contributors and asked them to reflect on the last twelve months. Here is the second in a series of revealing blog posts.

    No. 2 Liam Whitehead-Positive Steps, Oldham

    Tablets ready to be delivered
    • Tell us a little bit about yourself and or your organisation. Who are you, what do you do? Where are you from?

    I manage the Employment & Skills Service who provide a range of employer related learning opportunities to young people across Oldham and across Greater Manchester

    • Thinking back to 2020… What were you doing in March, when the first lockdown started?

    Managing several projects that support a young person work readiness skills. We were also preparing to send out over 3500 young people onto work experience placements

    • What suddenly changed for you when the first lockdown started? How did you adapt?

    Working from home and trying to balance this with home schooling my children. We also had to pivot services and develop an impactful interactive online offer for young people very quickly

    Martin out and about delivering tablets
    • What helped you through it, personally and professionally?

    Getting up early every day and going for a run in Tandle Hills and buying a punch bag! In work, developing new ways of working, learning new skills and supporting my colleagues

    • What has changed between the first, second and third lockdown?

    First lockdown was easiest due to the nice weather. Second lockdown became more difficult due to additional restrictions. Third lockdown has been a slog!

    • What, if any, have been the positives?

    Cherish the small things in life! Don’t sweat the big stuff. Appreciate the importance of human connections and beer gardens!

    • What are your hopes for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

    Getting folk back together to enjoy hopefully a great British summer!