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  1. Transformation Party revisited

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    At the end of November 2019 we showed over 150 people our plans for OMA which will transform the old Library, Museum and Art Gallery into a new Arts & Heritage centre and bring together Gallery Oldham, Oldham Theatre Workshop, Oldham Arts Development and Oldham Local Studies and Archive. It also celebrated 25 years of the National Lottery. We called the day our second Transformation Party.

    A lot happened on the day and we thought that now was a good time to share some photos and films.

    We created some beautiful sun prints with artist Alison Cooper inspired by old blue-prints and architectural drawings of the building. Song-writer Jay Stansfield also invited people to record their memories of the old Library and their hopes for OMA when it opens in 2021. Watch this space for his song…




    We also got to share this amazing 3D model of the old Library building.

    Created by Baz Armstrong it shows a section of the building featuring the entrance to the library’s original Lecture Theatre. The façade section sits on a blueprint showing its position in relation to the rest of the building. The model was constructed using a combination of high fidelity photogrammetry scanning and highly efficient polygon modelling that enables the model to be viewed in real-time on the internet and mobile phones.

    This digital construction method is regularly used in the computer games industry to build detailed 3D game environments. This modelling technique was used to great effect by the DICE games development company to create the Star Wars Battlefront game.

    If you enjoy these clips then check out our Social Media channels for even more. We’ll also be sharing images of our latest progress over the forthcoming year as the hoardings go up and the hardhats go on!

    OMA is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Stoller Charitable Trust. Full details of the plans are here.