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  1. Take Over Day

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    Takeover Day is when museums, galleries and heritage sites invite young people in to take over jobs normally done by adults.

    Today Year 3 pupils from St Thomas Leesfield, Lees, Oldham took over Gallery Oldham. Our Take Over day was themed around local artist Helen Bradley who was born 119 years ago today. St Thomas Leesfield school is from Lees which was her birthplace. This morning, the children walked past Helen Bradley’s home on the way to Gallery Oldham.

    Firstly pupils took part in Oldhamers by the Seaside workshop with artist Isobel, which looking at An Afternoon on the Sands at Blackpool by Helen Bradley. They got to explore with sand and water. Later in the day they split into 3 groups and all had a go at three activities.

    They became curators and looked at more Helen Bradley painting with Senior Curator Sean Baggaley in the Art Store. Young people prepared a talk about Helen Bradley with Educational Development Officer Kirsty Mairs in Oldham Stories and talked about social media with Karen Heatley.

    Everyone got to have a go at writing an Instagram and Twitter post and took some photographs of the displays. Some of these stories and images were shared on Gallery Oldham’s Instagram and Twitter.

    I’m in Oldham looking at the Rothwell car and finding out about it. It was made in 1910. It was donated by Julia Dawson.

    Gallery Oldham was built in 2002. Look at this architect’s model. I like this model because it has mini trees, little cars and mini houses and buildings.