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  1. Oldham Open exhibition – Speaking to the Artists

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    Over the next month young people from the Gallery Oldham Collective will be catching up with some of the artists who are currently showing their work in the Oldham Open 2019. This week they interviewed Justin Hodder.

    What are the titles of the artworks you entered in the Oldham Open?

    I entered two pieces – ‘Gone’ and ‘Morning.’

    Can you tell me a bit more about your piece? (I.e. medium/photography/ specific techniques).

    Theses pieces are paper collages.

    Is there a specific concept surrounding your piece or do you intend for the viewer to add their own interpretation?

    There is no specific concept at the beginning. I arrange materials to try and create an interesting visual image.  The idea/concept comes as I am doing this. There is one meaning only in the artwork. Interpretation varies according to the viewer.

    How long did it take to create this artwork?

    Hard to say as I will work on an artwork sporadically. I often have many pieces ‘on the go’ simultaneously.

    Has another artist/ or event influenced the ideas behind your artwork?

    Yes, I draw inspiration from many artists. Occasionally I am influenced by events, usually historical.

    What made you want to enter the Oldham open?

    I like Gallery Oldham and the opportunity to exhibit there.

    How do you seek out opportunities like the Oldham Open?

    The media / advertising.

    What advice would you give to aspiring artists and creatives?

    Be different. Try various mediums. Recognise strong visual impact. Enjoy creating.