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  1. This Year

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    We are asking you to send us written records of your life in Oldham during the last year of the pandemic. Lesley Reece submitted this poem to Oldham’s Lockdown Museum.

    Tick tock tick tock
    Time passes so slow
    Staring at the same 4 walls
    With nowhere else to go
    Day by day week by week
    Then a year has gone
    A year that seemed ever so bleak
    Was so hard for everyone
    But if you look deeper
    You will remember the laughter
    Not a perfect year by any stretch
    But it’s not all been a disaster
    Our plans may not have taken us
    To where we’d like to be
    Just living day by day
    Can really help us see
    The kindness of others
    Who stop and say hello
    The lonely ones who need your smile
    In order to let theirs grow
    We have seen clapping on the doorstep
    All with our pans and pots
    To let the NHS know
    That we thank them such a lot
    Not being able to see
    Loved ones is very hard
    Getting all your fresh air
    From your very own back yard
    The wearing of our masks
    Has grown natural to me
    The really extraordinary ones
    Are such a joy to see
    Birthdays and celebrations
    Don’t have the same wow
    But we all find different ways
    To enjoy them anyhow
    They say eyes are the windows
    To see inside your heart
    That is quite a good job
    As you can only see that part
    Helping out each other
    Doing a good turn
    Home schooling is a nightmare
    Keeping kid still long enough
    For them to actually learn
    With limited access
    For face to face contact
    It is the hardest part
    Human touch is what we lack
    But we are all doing our bit
    To get through this somehow
    It’s just the way it has to be
    For all of us for now
    So don’t let those days slip away
    Find reasons to smile
    For when this is all over
    You will have done things worthwhile
    Not a day will be wasted
    We have so much to learn
    By showing support to each other
    And doing a good turn
    We can come out stronger
    On the other side
    For acting responsibly
    We can turn this tide.

    If you have written something which you would like us to record for future generations, you are welcome to submit it here.