Super Saturdays: Spring Surprise


Get ready for Spring. We are all in our gardens watching as the flowers open, with brightly coloured daffodils and the peaceful sound of no traffic. You can even hear the bees buzzing, there is so little noise pollution. Kids playing, balls bouncing and birds singing has replaced traffic noise.


Taking in the seasons is something that we do in our regular Go Wild sessions. Although Go Wild can’t not go ahead this Spring, we’ve got the perfect activity to put a spring… in your step. Take a look at our latest activities sheet.


Spring Activities Download PDF


It’s important to do some exercise at the moment. Why not take a walk with your family and see what you can spot along the way? We’ve got an amazing collections of plant specimens at Gallery Oldham. It’s important not to pick wild flowers. These may be protected and are best left for everyone to enjoy. Instead, why not ask if you can pick something from your garden and have a go at pressing it?

All you need to do is put the flower between two pieces of paper. Then sandwich it between two heavy books. Wait a few days and you’ll have a pressed plant just like the ones in our collection. See some more of our collections.



Try some of these other spring time suggestions: