Super Saturday – Go Wild! Mini Beast Scavenger Hunt

For this week’s Super Saturday we thought we’d offer up something a little different then our usual crafty fun.


Every season at Gallery Oldham we join Natural History curator Patricia Francis for Go Wild! We explore the seasonal surprises that nature brings and have fun with a mix of science, nature and creativity. This Spring we have moved our adventures online for this special Super Saturday session but we’re continuing to explore the amazing natural world right on your doorstep.


We’re also celebrating National Scavenger Hunt Day which is marked every year on 24th May. It’s set aside as a day to enjoy the good ol’ fashioned fun of a scavenger hunt. This year we’ve created our very own mini-beast scavenger hunt that you can do in your garden. You’ll be able to find everything you need to join in around the house:


  • Some pots or jars ideally with lids
  • Small paintbrush
  • Empty container e.g. an old ice-cream tub (great excuse to finish the tub! Yummy!)
  • An old spoon
  • Your eyes, or a magnifying glass if you have one
  • An umbrella


There are lots of new mini-beasts about now as some have just hatched and some have woken up after a special sleep over the winter called hibernation.

Join in the fun and download our Mini-Beast Scavenger Hunt.

Make sure you send us photographs of the insects and creatures that you find, post them on Instagram using @galleryoldham

Happy hunting everyone!


Photo by Samuel Myles on Unsplash