Remember When? Elk Mill


Every Monday, join us as we delve into the Archive to bring to light a piece of Oldham’s past. Over the years the landscape of Oldham has changed dramatically; chimneys and vast mills once dominated the town’s skyline.  In this weeks Remember When? we celebrate our industrial history and take a look at Elk Mill.


Remember when, Elk Mill wasn’t the name of a retail park but was one of the UK’s largest and most modern cotton mills that formed part of Shiloh Spinners Limited?


Designed by architect A Turner & Son, Elk Mill was opened in 1927 and was the last mule-spinning mill to be built in Lancashire. The mill cost ¼ million to build, had 107,240 spindles and  employed 400 people. Cotton Mules were used until 1974 and the last cotton spun in Oldham was at Elk Mill which closed in 1998. A year later the mill was demolished to make way for the current Elk Mill Retail Park.


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