Oldham’s Lockdown Museum is open. Welcome!

Oldham’s Lockdown Museum is a new digital project to collect a snapshot of what life is like in our local area during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each week we will be setting a theme for an online exhibition.

We have had a great response to our first theme of kindness. See the gallery of our favourites here. If your image is not included we have still stored it in our digital archive for future generations.

We have also had contributions which don’t respond to our theme. We’re really happy to receive these. We have opened another gallery for these contributions on the page above (or embed link to gallery?). We will update this from time to time.

This week we are collecting photos or drawings of objects which represent the lockdown period to you. Bill from our curatorial team says:

“As someone who looks after museum objects, I have come to understand that ‘it’s not just the object, it’s the story’. As the TV show ‘The Repair Shop’ has shown us, small things can have enormous power to transport us back and make us think of people and places that are gone, but not forgotten. What are the simple things that are going to remind us of our time in Lockdown?

For me, there are two. One is the beautiful rainbow my daughter made for her Grandma and Grandad’s window. The other is my bike. When I reached a certain age I bought bike, but for several years it sat, neglected in the shed. Now, suddenly, it has become my friend and escape route to precious freedom and peace.”