Oldham Lockdown Museum

Week 3 (8th – 14th June): Making

For many of us, Lockdown has meant that we have had to learn new skills. We may have had to fix something in our house ourselves because we couldn’t call someone to help us. Or we have FINALLY got round to those little DIY jobs we’ve been telling ourselves we have been meaning to do for years. We have had to improve our cookery skills as the restaurants closed and our incomes became more uncertain. With less chance to be out and about socialising some of us have taken the opportunity to return to art and craft skills we haven’t used for years, or to begin to learn new ones. Thank you for the photos you have sent us of things you have sewn, sawn and baked!

Deadline for ‘Making’ submissions was 9am Monday 15th June. We are happy to receive them after this but we may not be able to include them in our gallery on this page, although we will still add them to our collection for future generations.