Oldham Lockdown Museum Launch

Today we’re launching Oldham’s Lockdown Museum. It’s a new digital project to collect a snapshot of what life is like in our local area during the Covid-19 pandemic.



There is a saying: ‘Change is the only visible sign of life’ and what changes we’ve gone through. Gallery Oldham is looking for objects that tell the story of life in lockdown so that we can share them with future generations. Have you bought or made something unusual? What object sums up the changing world outside or the unchanging reality of staying at home? Sometimes it is the most ordinary object that tells the most amazing story. We’d love to share your experiences and ideas, and see pictures (photographs or drawings/paintings) of the objects that sum them up, whatever they are.

While we are all learning to adjust to new ways of living, creativity can help us manage some of the challenges with which we are faced. Some of us are returning to things we haven’t had time to do for a very long time. Others are trying a new technique for the first time. Please send us images of the things you have been making, drawing or writing. We’re very happy to see works in progress – this project is about sharing the process as much as the finished result.


How you can take part in Oldham’s Lockdown Museum

Each week we will set a theme for you to respond to. We will share this on our website and via our social media channels. You are also welcome to send us Lockdown related images which don’t relate to the themes. We will exhibit our favourite entries in Oldham’s Lockdown Museum (on the gallery website) the following week.


Image: Dan Burton on Unsplash

What will happen to your images?

A selection of images will be included in our weekly online exhibition. Some of the images will be shared on our social media channels. All submissions will be stored in our digital archive for future generations. You are invited to include your name but we will not publish your name if you don’t want us to.


Our first theme is ‘Kindness’. Send us a portrait of a friend/family member/someone you know who is a key worker or volunteer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Respond however you like… it could be a photo, a drawing or a poem about them. Don’t forget to tell us who they are and what they’re doing to help us all. It could be your mum on the till at Tesco, your son who is a cleaner at the hospital or your neighbour who has been doing the shopping for others in the street.

Deadline for ‘Kindness’ submissions is 9am Monday 1st June.

For more info click here.

For more info please contact rebecca.hill@oldham.gov.uk

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