Oldham Lockdown Museum

Week 4 (15th – 21st June): Changes

Change happens all around us during ‘normal’ times, but the pace of change has really sped up during 2020. In March we all had to adapt to a brand new way of living, almost overnight. As days turned to weeks we had to adjust again, this time to the idea that this was a situation which was going to be here for a while. This week, as lockdown restrictions are eased slightly, things will change again. We would like to record some of these changes in Oldham’s Lockdown Museum, for future generations. Tell us about changes you have noticed around you, or changes you have made to your life. Have you begun to notice birdsong around your house as traffic noise fell quiet for a while? Have you discovered new areas of your local neighbourhood as you changed the route you went to work? Are you part of a group which used to meet weekly but is now working out how to continue using technology? Maybe the changes are more within yourself – have you become aware of how much of your happiness relied on contact with other people, or will you be vowing to build more time at home into your chaotic life as society opens up again?

Deadline for ‘Changes’ submissions was 9am Monday 22nd June. We are happy to receive them after this but we may not be able to include them in our gallery on this page, although we will still add them to our collection for future generations. We will upload a selection of images in the next few days…watch this space.