Our new exhibition – The Artist’s Folio


Some of the biggest names in 20th and 21st century art are showcased in our latest exhibition which opens on Saturday April 23rd. ‘The Artist’s Folio’ looks at how prints or artworks are sometimes designed to be seen as part of a group, rather than displayed individually – telling a different story from just one print on its own.

The folios on show are predominantly from the print collection at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery and there is a real range of styles and techniques. The show includes names such as David Hockney and L S Lowry. It also features work by contemporary artists such as Chris Ofili, Rachel Whiteread and Hew Locke.rachel whiteread - please use credit line 'Courtesy Counter Editions and the artist' or @CounterEditions

While at its most basic level the folio represents a good way of marketing an artist’s work, particularly to specialist collectors, it also provides a means of ensuring that a set of work is kept together and can be seen as a whole concept.

The Glenn Baxter series is funny and playful, in stark contrast to William Rothenstein’s drypoint prints, documenting the impact of the First World War on the Belgian landscape.


We’ll be running workshops and talks alongside this exhibition – keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for details.

The exhibition, which runs until July 9, has been curated by Bradford Museums and Galleries and Paul Coldwell, Professor in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London.  It has been supported by The Arts Council of England and Bradford Metropolitan District Council.