Mindfulness with Gallery Oldham

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that focuses your awareness on the present moment. As we develop awareness of our surroundings, the breath, the body, our thoughts and emotions, we start to really appreciate and use our senses to connect with ourselves and the world around us. We can all practice mindfulness; at any age, and anywhere!

Visiting an art gallery and museum or engaging with artworks elsewhere, whether in person or online, is the perfect opportunity to explore mindfulness with art. Mindfulness practice encourages us to look at art slowly, to pay attention to what we notice and how it makes us feel. Listening to our responses and accepting them can help us discover our own relationship to the artwork and any meaning or significance it may hold for us, which we may not have realised at first glance.

We can also learn about new ideas and perspectives from the information recorded about artworks and their artists. In a gallery this can usually be found in guidebooks, audio guides, or in the written labels next to the art. Why not take a moment to experience an artwork with mindfulness before exploring this context. You may find that the description provides a whole new perspective for you – great! You may even find it is linked to your mindful experience of the art – also great! And sometimes using mindfulness techniques to explore an artwork won’t change your initial opinion or feeling on an artwork, and that is completely fine. There are no wrong answers in mindfulness practice!

If all you have gained from looking at art with a mindfulness approach is to take a moment out of your busy day to calm and settle your mind, that’s just as valuable, and something we can all enjoy and benefit from.

Why not practice mindfulness with Gallery Oldham’s collection? There’ll be a new artwork to engage with on the 3rd Monday of every month on our YouTube channel #MindfulnessMonday