Landscape by Francis Danby, 1841

The subject of this landscape is probably imagined. Danby was living in London at the time it was produced. It is one of a group of his later works which he called “poetic landscapes”. Landscape watercolou by Francis Danby

This painting is part of the Charles Edward Lees Collection of watercolours at Gallery Oldham. Charles Edward Lees was the most important supporter of Oldham Art Gallery in the 1800s.
His family made their money in the cotton industry and he used much of it for the benefit of the people of Oldham.

This painting is currently on display in the Oldham Stories exhibition. We have a large collection of watercolours here in Oldham, but they are not on permanent display due to the fact they are light sensitive. Each time they are exposed to light they fade slightly so we are careful to ensure that our children and grandchildren will be able to see them in the future!

When the collections aren’t on display we keep them in our stores. These are areas where can control the temperature, humidity and light, keeping the collections in the best environment possible.

All of the items belong to the people of Oldham, who are free to come and view their collections. Throughout the year we run behind the scenes tours, giving our visitors the opportunity to explore our collections which aren’t on display. From time to time we also take small groups and individuals on private tours too.Image of the art store

If you’re interested in a curator led behind the scenes tour or there’s a particular piece from our collection you would like to see, please get in touch to arrange a date and time.
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– Rebecca Hill
Exhibitions and Collections co-ordinator (Art)