GO Baby Graduates

We started visiting Go Baby soon after the sessions started and right from the first we were both well and truly hooked!

There’s lots to see and do at the sessions for babies of all ages. The layout of the gallery for the two hour Go Baby session is really well thought out, with an arrangement of islands or pods containing different sensory objects for the babies to explore. When they’re really small this keeps the babies stimulated as you carry them around. And then, once they’re mobile there’s lots of different things to keep them entertained, as they explore the islands under their own steam.Isabelle enjoying GO Baby

The theme changes each week, covering things like colours, light and music and, because of its informal nature, you can simply turn up to the sessions that interest you and your baby most. Although, we enjoyed all the sessions so attended most weeks. Which is one of the great things about Go Baby – it’s really relaxed. We all know that babies are unpredictable and with the best intentions in the world, things don’t always go to plan. That doesn’t matter for these sessions as you can drop in at anytime within the allocated two hours and if you can’t make it at all one week just try for the week after instead. It’s free and informal, so there’s no pressure to stick to any schedule.

Laura and her team are so welcoming, they really take the time to get involved and get to know you and your baby, which is lovely. That’s another great thing about Go Baby, it’s not just for babies but for Mum, Dad, the grandparents or whichever carer is bringing them along, too. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch-up, share stories about your little ones or just have a chat.

All of this and set within a beautiful environment. Only a glass corridor away from the rest of the gallery with yet more to see and explore. Although, be prepared to spend quite a lot of time in the glass corridor as your little one becomes mobile, all the babies seem to love this area!

We loved our time at Go Baby and we were both sorry to say goodbye.

– Nicola and Isabelle

From September 2015 we are hoping to run a new early years programme for 2 -4’s so even more little hands can enjoy our sessions!

For more information please contact Laura Ferguson on 0161 770 4643