#GetCreativeAtHome: Chippy Tea

We’re getting involved with #GetCreativeAtHome organised by the BBC to provide some great ideas of how you can make and create at home.

Get creative imageGet Creative is a campaign that encourages people to try their hand at something new and creative. Usually there would be a festival in May giving everyone the chance to get involved in an event in their local area. This year’s a little different but the power of creativity can unite people. It can support good mental health and help us connect with others.

Chips image

Adoration of the chip





For this weeks Super Saturday activity, we’re celebrating #GetCreativeAtHome and our local history. Oldham is famed for bringing together Fish with Chips. All our Super Saturday activities this week are themed around Chippy Teas – a very northern tradition! Friday night was the time to queue up in the Chippy and get a treat at the end of a busy working week. Share your masterpieces with us @galleryoldham and tell us what’s your favourite tea?





  • Watch this film called The TakeAway Project created last year with a group of young people to capture modern stories about our local area. The group were inspired by Oldham’s claim to be the birthplace of fish and chips and so they decided to focus on modern takeways in the town centre.


  • Have a go at colouring our collection. Get out your crayons out and bring to life the Adoration of the Chip banner created by Ed Hall. Click here or on the picture to download. You can also piece together our jigsaw puzzle based on this banner.

  • Turn you hand to creating some origami fish and chips using old magazines and newspaper that you have around the house. In the past, this favourite take-away tea was always served up in old newspapers. Get your recipe and instructions.


fish and Chips PDF download




  • Listen to this pod cast entitled The Chippy

By Francesca Waite, Read by Catherine Morefield, Edited by Grant Archer, Produced by Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

Part of Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s Mini-Podcast Series. Originally written for Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s 100 Word Plays project in 2019.

Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s 100 Word Plays project is inspired by and acknowledges Royal Court, London’s 100 Word Plays which ran during the Young Writer’s Festival in 2012.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Chippy Bonanza!