Family History at Your Finger Tips

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Image credit: Cheryl Winn Boujnida on Unsplashed

We’ve all be advised to #StayAtHome. Are you looking for something to fill the hours indoors? Have you always fancied finding out about your family history? Then we have got some great suggestions of how to make a start.


Family History: Where To Start

Family history is a way to keep memories alive. It allows each generation to have an idea of who they are and where they come from.

Documents tell stories and are the key to making your ancestors seem more real. Your family history will be drawn from myriad of records and sources throughout history in which your ancestors will be mentioned. Birth, marriage and death records, censuses 1841-1911, wills, church records occupational records, education and apprenticeship, military service records, tax records, criminal records, poor law, newspapers, trade directories, ecclesiastical licenses, church records, court records, tombstones etc might all throw up valuable information.

Let us show you how Oldham’s archive collections can add flesh to the bones of your family history research to reveal amazing stories about the lives of your ancestors. This includes their education, employment, health, the area they lived in, the homes they occupied and the events that would shape their lives.

School Logs Books: A First Class Resource!

School records imageIf you ancestor attended a school in the Oldham area, then take a look at the School Log Book. Log books started in 1862 when new laws required the headmaster of all schools that received a government grant to keep a log book.

They recorded the day to day events that took place in their school. Contents can include information about pupil attendance and the factors that affected attendance such as extreme weather or local epidemics. They also record visits of school inspectors, subjects being taught, building problems, teachers and celebratory events.

Pupils’ names are not usually recorded unless they have been extremely good or bad. However, our log books will definitely shed light on events taking place in the Oldham area and wider world which would have been experienced by your ancestors. Here at Oldham Local Studies and Archives we have over 60 collections relating to schools in the area. Once we reopen come and see us and add a bit more detail to your family history research.