Community Gallery Exhibitions

The Community Gallery shows a wide range of exhibitions by groups and individuals from the Borough of Oldham. Some of our community exhibition have moved online – take a look!

The White Mountain: Poetry inspired by William Stott of Oldham by St Thomas’ Leesfield, Year 3

For Takeover Day 2020 and William Stott of Oldham’s birthday (born 20th November 1857), St Thomas’ Leesfield Year 3 pupils worked with our facilitator to write poems inspired by Stott’s painting The White Mountain. Have a read of their creations in the exhibition below!



From 21 January 2021


Artwork by Jo GreenJo Green’s inspiration comes from the natural environment and the often hidden beauty of nature.  Working with locally sourced wool, silk and plant fibres she hand dyes, felts, machine embroiders and sculpts the most beautifully finished and tactile art works.  Jo enjoys finding the tiniest microscopic patterns created by nature and translating them into truly unique and stunning pieces.

During the first lockdown in Spring 2020 Jo was able to photograph, collect found items and develop her stitched sketchbooks and some of these are exhibited alongside her work.  Most of her pieces are for sale and offer the buyer a unique opportunity to purchase art that is inspired by our locality and supports one of our local makers.

Anyone who is interested in submitting an exhibition proposal for consideration should contact Joy Thorpe on 0161 770 4653 or email


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