Early Years Adventure: Printing At Home

Our activity this week is inspired by ‘Now the Mill Has Gone’ by Peter Stanaway. Artist Fay will be helping you to explore printing at home using found materials.

Stanaway, Peter; Now the Mill Has Gone; Gallery Oldham; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/now-the-mill-has-gone-90880

Using blocks of colour and strong graphic shapes, the artist depicts a street scene in a northern town within this artwork.


Born in Manchester in 1943, Stanaway studied Fine Art at Manchester University before undertaking a career as a teacher in both Salford and Oldham.  He is currently a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, who have previously exhibited at Gallery Oldham. And also an art teacher in Oldham.

His colourful and structural compositions, inspired by the people and places around him, are strongly influenced by life and work in the North. Stanaway uses strong colours, lines and shapes to explore time and place.

Don’t forget you can find all of the galleries art collection by visiting Art UK.

Look closely at the painting.

Exploring printing with Fay

What can you see?

How many colours can you spot?

Can you describe the shapes?

Do you recognise any of the shapes? What buildings do they remind you of?

Have a go at our printing activity using paint, or if you don’t have any paint how about making your own with food colouring and a little water, or make your own mud as an alternative! And everyday objects such as building blocks, cardboard packaging and plastic bottles to create your own fantastic artwork.

Have fun, explore and get messy – and don’t forget to share your colourful masterpieces with us!
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