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Welcome to your Discover Arts Award at home pack. To achieve your Discover Arts Award you must complete all of the sections below, you can download this pack here.

You can find out more information about Arts Award, Gallery Oldham and how to complete the award by getting in touch or if you need any assistance please contact:

EvaD Ould-Okojie
Access and Interpretation Officer
Gallery Oldham

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Part A: Discover

For Part A you need to be able to pick out different art forms and take part in an arts activity.

What art forms can you name? Tick or circle the sort of art you know or write the name of the art form underneath. You can ask an adult to help you, or work with your family or friends to find lots of different arts forms or arts activities.


Painting and drawing












Can you name any more?

What art activities have you done?

Have you completed any of the ‘Spring Thing’ activities in your pack or from the Gallery Oldham website? Attach pictures of you doing it, draw what you did, or write about it here. Ask an adult to help you if you get stuck. Add as many extra pages and pictures as you like, it can be a mixture of activities or just one

Part B: Find Out

For Part B you need to find out about at least one artist and their work.

What artist or artists are you going to find out about? An artist is anyone who does a creative activity, such as painting, playing a musical instrument, making a sculpture, designing costumes, writing stories or anything else you can think of.
Did you identify their art form in Part A?

What is the artist’s name?

What sort of art do they make?

How are you going to find out about them? Are you going to use the internet, a book, or visit an arts organisation to find out more?

What did you find out about your artist or artists? Use photos, print outs, drawings, writing or anything else you like to show what you found out. Ask an adult to help if you get stuck. If you need more space use the back of this sheet.

Part C: Share

For Part C you need to share what you have enjoyed and learnt as part of your Arts Award Discover at Home.

What are you going to share, and who are you going to share this with? You can share your favourite bit, the bit you found most difficult or all your Arts Award Discover! As an adult if you get stuck.