Early Years Adventure – Dens

We’re so thrilled to be bringing you this week’s early years adventure featuring one of our original practitioners, Leonie! Families old and new will know Leonie for her singing and storytelling during GO Baby and GO Explorers.

This week Leonie and her two daughters decided to focus on the artwork ‘Small Mollington Knot Cushion’ by artist Ann Sutton. Sutton’s work featured in a textile exhibition the gallery held in 2016, her textile work was a firm favourite of the visitors and staff. Sutton’s work often features brightly coloured woven textile pieces that come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Sutton was awarded an MBE in 1991 for her services to textiles.

She is an artist, writer and researcher exploring modern ways of weaving and creating work! Leonie’s girls particularly loved the bright and bold colours of Ann’s work and wanted to explore how what materials they could use in their dens to represent the colours.

Den building is one of our most popular activities at GO Baby and GO Explorers so we thought why not share some of our top tips with you! We would love to see your dens and hear about the adventures you go on.

Please share your pictures with us @gallery #galleryoldham on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.