Change is happening!

The “soft strip” of the old building has revealed many fascinating changes. The work has removed modern features to reveal elements of the building as it would have appeared in the 18oos. For the latest update on our Heritage & Arts Centre project we thought you’d enjoy these films giving a sense of what has been achieved so far…

This first image shows the basement. For many years it had been used as a museum store. Now it is cleared out and ready for the next stage of work.  Next year we will remove its modern ceiling and reinstate the original double height lecture theatre space.


The second image shows the ground floor. Carpet tiles and modern striplights have been removed. As has the lift shaft! And most importantly the original cast iron pillars are being protected as these will once again be a major feature of this space.


This final image shows the first floor. The 1960s library desk has been removed along with the lift shaft. And the old lightwell has been reopened letting more daylight back into the space as the original architect always intended.


The Heritage & Arts Centre project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Stoller Charitable Trust. Full details of the plans and our original announcement are here.