Celebration Bunting

Celebrating is about joy and happiness, sharing with friends and family and usually is a time for shouting about something positive. Follow our simple guide to making your own bunting for any celebration you like.

Experiment with colour, materials and wording to make it personal.

You will need:
– Paper
– String
– Decorating materials (paints, pencils, glue)
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Pencil/Pens
– Rubber

  1. Collect your arts materials together and put something down
    to protect your work surface.
Collection of arts materials including paper, ruler, pencils scissors, masking tape and rubbers

2. Using a piece of paper or card design a template, you will use this
to make sure your bunting is all the same shape or size. If you prefer
your bunting to be mismatched then move on to step 3.

Fold over a 5 centimetre flap at the top of your flag, this is where
the string will sit.

Using blank paper or card create a template for your bunting shapes.

3. Cut out your bunting shapes from paper and use different
arts materials to decorate it! This could be by painting, colouring,
sticking or any other way you like.

We chose paper marbling for our bunting. Carefully count out the
amount of letters you will need for your bunting, this is how many ‘flags’
you need to decorate.

4. Once you have enough ‘flags’ cut out and decorated now you
can add any words or images you like. Write, Draw or stick your
them on top.

We used a thick permanent marker for our words.

5. Using string and glue or double sided tape cut a long
length of string. You need it long enough to hang up your
bunting. Add glue or tape to your flap and then attach the string.

6. Your bunting is finished! Hang it up for all your friends
and family to see! You can create different bunting for different