Bee Day!

Watch out for Bob the Butterfly & Gerry the Gerbera in the Gallery Gardens at 1.15pm, 2.15pm & 3.15pm

Saturday 20th July sees the return of our popular Bee Day at Gallery Oldham from 1-4pm. This is your chance to find out more about the Gallery’s most popular residents.

We’ve been delighted to host a hive of bees on our second floor balcony since 2015 and last year we welcomed a 2nd hive. They have made great use of the green library roof and produced delicious honey which is a great favourite and best seller in our shop.

Visitors will be able to meet our beekeeper and have the chance to taste honey from across the UK on the Honey map of Great Britain.

Watch the Bee My Baby show by Oldham Theatre Workshop, and don’t miss the singing and sporting prowess of Team BGEE. Keep your eyes peeled for Bob the Butterfly & Gerry the Gerbera plus don’t miss the installation of BEES in the Gallery gardens.

There will be Bee themed arts and crafts from the Small Cinema followed by a showing of Bumblebee (PG). And have a go at the ancient art of Beeswax batik as we create bee bunting to adorn the Gallery.

1.30 & 3pm               Meet the BEES with the Gallery Oldham Beekeeper

2pm                            Bumblebee (PG) The Small Cinema (Ticket only)

1-4pm                         Bee Crafts in the Foyer

1– 4pm                       Bee-utiful Beeswax Batik workshop

1-4pm                         Honey Map of Great Britain (honey tasting)



BEES by Artizani, 1pm – 4pm Gallery Gardens

Bees! is a multi-sensory experience in which audiences get up close and personal with our deluxe and sumptuous beehive. The hives are tended by our ethereal beekeepers and kept passive by clouds of smoke, colourfully lit at night. Each hive contains a surreally imagined aspect of the secret life of bees, such as the bee cinema – did you know bees were massive fans of spaghetti westerns?

Bee My baby by Oldham Theatre Workshop, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm Gallery Gardens

The bee keeper and a hive full of fun.  These colourful characters will perform a bee dance like no other.  Buzzing from one place to the next, this swarm of dancing bees are sure to sweeten up any event.

Bob the Butterfly & Gerry the Gerbra by Artemis, 1.15pm, 2.15pm & 3.15pm Gallery Gardens

Watch out, Bob the Butterfly and Gerry the Gerbera have escaped the greenhouse and are ready to explore their new surroundings at Gallery Oldham.

Team BGee by Markmark Productions, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm Gallery Gardens

Sporting prowess meets disco as Team BGEE arrive to deliver some funky tunes.