Art UK shop

Those of you who follow us on social media will have noticed that we sometimes refer to the Art UK shop. This might be new to some of you, so we thought we’d tell you a bit more about it.


Along the Shore by Joseph Southall

First of all, what is Art UK?

Art UK is the online home for every public art collection in the UK. They are a charity, and their website represents a collaboration between over 3,200 British institutions. There are currently more than 230,000 art works available to view on the site.

The first phase of the project was to digitise every oil painting in public collections. Over the last decade this has expanded to include sculpture and some watercolours. It is an amazing resource, and as far as we know, the only project like this in the world. Art UK receives no core public funding, and the shop is one of funding streams which enable it to carry on its brilliant work.

The shop

Art UK has made many of their images available as prints, either framed or unframed.

Profit from shop sales goes back to the collections who own the work, so each time you look at a print you can enjoy the print you’ve chosen AND know that it is an ethical purchase which contributes to the long-term future of the art work you love. You can filter your search by artist, by subject, by collection or by keyword. So for example, if you’ve just come back from an amazing holiday in the Lake District, you could type in ‘Windermere’ and choose from selected prints to make your holiday feeling last that bit longer. Or if you have a favourite painting in your local museum you can type in the name of the venue and see which works are available.

Gallery Oldham’s collections on the Art UK shop are here.

Curators from some museums have chosen their favourite print, which are available framed for £40. We’re happy (and not surprised!) to see that our Joseph Southall print has been proving very popular. There is also a range of Art UK merchandise, the profits from which support this brilliant charity, which in turn allows them to keep on supporting us to care for your public collections. In short, the Art UK shop is well worth a look next time you’re looking for a gift.

Rebecca Hill

Exhibitions & Collections Coordinator (Art), Gallery Oldham