Air Drying Clay Crafts – Bee Pot

If you have never used Air Drying Clay before this is the perfect chance! It is a great material to create 2D and 3D artworks from beads to games, we love using air drying clay with all age groups.

Watch our wonderful video and follow our instructions to help you make a number of beautiful artworks.

We recommend you wear old clothes when doing this activity and you may need an adult to help.

You will need:

– Packet of Air Drying Clay
– A mixture of old materials, zips, forks, knives, leaves, twigs etc.
– Old fabric or a piece of grease proof paper
– A piece of tape
– PVA glue
– Old Clothes
– Something to wipe and clean your hands with once you have finished


  1. Make sure your area is clean to work in, put your old clothes on and place the piece of fabric on your work surface.

  2. Collect your tools together and open your clay. You may need scissors to open your packet.

  3. Split your clay in half and put one half back into the packet, this will keep it fresh.
    In your hands roll the clay to form a ball.

  4. Pinch a chunk of clay from your big ball and place it to one side. This will be your bee so make sure there is enough to model from.
  5. With your larger ball use something to roll it into a flat pancake shape. This can be as big or small as you like. You can use a rolling pin, bottle, pen/pencil or a glass to roll.

    Remember the larger you roll it out the thinner and more delicate the clay will get.

  6. Use different materials to make imprints into the clay, this could be natural items like leaves, twigs and flowers or items you have at home.

  7. Using your fingers gently press and pinch the clay around the edges to make a rim around the dish.

  8. Now move on to your extra piece of clay, roll it into a ball and tear two pieces off – this will be for your head, wings and eyes.

  9. With your largest piece start to mould this into the Bee’s body, once you’re happy with the shape place it gently on to your base.

  10. Take one of your spare pieces of clay and split it again into two.

  11. Roll one piece into your Bee’s head and gently attach it to the body and base.

  12. Split the remaining half equally and roll them into small balls for the eyes – then attach them by gently pushing them onto your Bee head. 

  13. If you have any leftover clay from the eyes you can roll a thin worm shape to create stripes for you bee.

  14. With your final piece of clay split that into two sections. Each section will become a bee wing, pull, pinch and shape your bee wings, attach them by gently pushing them into your bee body.

  15. Leave your clay to dry for 24 hours and then decorate your pot however you like. Once dried you can add a thin layer of PVA glue to coat your decorations.  

    * If your clay is getting a little dry then try squeezing your clay to renew it.
     The heat from your hands will help to soften it.

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